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Climb these stairs to meet the most remarkable woman in New York...and the famous model who wants her out.

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Wanna hear a story?

I’m a storyteller. Whatever I’m writing, I like to imagine I’m at an all-night diner with friends, entertaining them with a great yarn. 


That goes for my novels, my newspaper stories, my TV scripts and my screenplays. The challenge is always the same: What happens next? 

Here’s what happened first, in my writing career - I won an award in the creative writing contest at Queens College in New York City. The judges liked my short stories and named me one of the writers “showing the most promise.” 


The prize was $300, the first money I’d ever made without pushing a broom or a lawn mower. I was on my way.


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In The Press

“It has terrific force.” 

New York Times about Shepherd Avenue

In the press
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